Our First Challenge

It has arrived – and a lot more quickly than I thought it would.

As a part of the required paperwork, we are required (and rightly so!) to submit Criminal Record Checks.  In a country like Canada, this is straightforward and takes a brief few minutes.  But we spent a year living in China!  Anyone who has ever dealt with the Chinese government knows that obtaining any kind of document from China is a process – sometimes an impossible one, and always a challenging one!

In China, the document we are needed is called a Police Clearance Check (PCC).  My research indicates that we are definitely not the only people in this pickle. Many people in many countries that have had the pleasure if living in China later find themselves needing this form.

The form itself should be easily obtainable, by friends or agency (although many forums state that agencies charge huge fees and do not deliver the goods – a typical issue when dealing with an agency overseas).  However, the MCFD requires that it is sent directly to them – again, understandable under normal circumstances, but difficult when coming from China.  In addition, a friend obtaining this form as required by China would be unacceptable by the MCFD because it compromises the integrity of the document.

I absolutely understand why this form is needed, and I completely understand why the MCFD requires a direct submission – but it could prove costly, very costly.  It could also take a lot of time.  The adoption process always takes time, but this will add to that in a huge way.

Until this comes together, our Home Study cannot begin.  So for now we’re in a holding pattern.

One solution – take things one day at a time, and do our absolute best! And add our first challenge to our prayer list 🙂


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