Chasing Paper

Phew!  To say we’ve had a crazy few weeks is an understatement!  Jean and I were on our way back from vacation this past Friday when we received a call from my Dad letting us know that a forest fire had started and our area was under Evacuation Alert (soon to be an order).  We placed a quick call to a friend, and he made it through check stops to get to our dogs and retrieve a few things from our home.

Thankfully all has turned out well, and no structures were lost! Woot woot!

Through our vacation, and over the weekend, we’ve still been in contact with friends in China.  So far we have not been able to get the needed Police Clearance Check.  One friend found the right office and thought he had a connection there that would assist him, only to be told (once we had sent him our documents) that the school we worked for had to provide the request and the documents.  So we connected with someone from our former school (who took time off work to search this out for us), and she was told that because it had been so long (only 6 years…) it was not possible as we were not there for them to verify our identity.

I have talked to friends who have not been able to obtain a Police Clearance Check even though they were in China!  Unlike Canada, there is not one clear process in place to do this – as can very clearly be seen from the three answers we’ve already received from the same office!

But I am not frustrated or anxious – everything will work out when it is meant to, I firmly believe that.  In the meantime, we keep checking off boxes and exhausting all options.  And we keep praying!

On another note… I was doing some “light reading” while on vacation.  Our social worker provided us with some videos and books on adoption/teen adoption that she recommended, and as we watch/read, I will be adding them to our list of materials we have found helpful.


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