An Exception… Just This Once…

It’s August, and summer has absolutely flown by!  I know that I say that every year, the older I get (and I’m not “old”!) – but this year, our two summer vacations and the forest fire seemed to have eliminated June and July in extreme haste!  But we still have beach days left, and time for camping… life is good!

It does not look like we will be able to obtain a Police Clearance Check from China.  Our social worker asked a colleague with a possible connection, but that did not work out either.  However, our former supervisor at our former school in China was more than happy to write a letter in support of us, and seeing as she would be the one to know if anything inappropriate happened while we were there, we are hoping that this letter and our documented hard work at obtaining the elusive Clearance Check earns us an exception.

Once we receive that exception (because I believe that things will work out!), our Home Study will be scheduled, and that is the last item to check off before the matching process begins (how exciting!!!).

People always ask us how long it will be before we bring a child home.  Ha!  In my experience, that is an impossible question to answer, and that is how it should be.  Time is irrelevant in most adoption cases.  Every situation is unique, and requires different considerations.  So I’m ok with however long this takes – that means that our adoption is happening as it should for us and for the child that will be a part of our family.

But what an exciting day/week/month/year that will be!  Getting to know each other, likes and dislikes, fears and loves, dreams and nightmares.  It’s a journey I wouldn’t trade for all the Police Clearance Checks in China!


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