All it takes is a Community!

For whatever reason, the whole adoption process has been non-stressful for me.  Not in that I don’t feel, or am not anxiously waiting for a match, or that I’m not planning.  I guess what I mean is that I have been able to just take things as they come – not stress and obsess (which, let’s be honest, I’ve been known to do on more than one occasion).  I honestly feel that everything will happen when it is meant to, and that has helped me take one day at a time.  I have really been enjoying taking one day at a time actually – living in the moment, and being content 🙂

So it’s odd to me that the part of this that has been the most stressful for me is the Family Book (or Look Book, or Family Profile – whatever you call it).  It’s funny because back when we took our Adoption Education classes, we had to make a Family Book – and it was fun!  We enjoyed putting it together!  (For those that don’t know, our Family Book will be given to a child who is considering us as a match – it’s their first impression of who we are.)

What do we write? What pictures do we show?  What do we tell about ourselves?  Who are we?  We know all these things… but for some reason it has been hard for me to put things into words and photos – and I’m a writer and a photographer!  I’ve been mulling this over, probably because it strikes even me as kind of funny.  Adoption is not the easiest process, nor is adding a teenager to our family – believe me when I say that I realize there are stressful times ahead.  So why does this seem so daunting when I know that really, it doesn’t matter a huge amount in the grand scheme of things?!

I think it’s because I really want our future child to get to know us on a deeper level without writing a novel.  I want them to pictures themselves with us, as an integral part of our lives.  I want them to think we’re cool, and weird, and worth getting to know.  You know that feeling when you hear about a really cool business, so you check into it and their website really sucks?  Well, I don’t want our future child to feel that way about us because our Family Book sucks!

I had lost all creativity when it comes to this project, so I posted a status on Facebook asking friends and family what they thought about when the thought of us.  Their responses were inspiring!  I am now trying to incorporate those ideas into our book.  Those responses included things like our love of tea and travel, treasure hunting/thrifting, music, our love of our church and our faith in God, our puppies, our passion for camping and the outdoors, my love of reading, our committeemen to each other through thick and thin, Mario Party nights, our home and vehicles… man, this could be one thick book!

The really cool thing though?  Our family and friends (our community), and our adoption community through fb pages and forums, are amazing!  The one thing that has come out of my being overwhelmed by something small is being blessed by something BIG – and that is our community.  I cannot express how appreciate I am of their support, love, wisdom, sense of humour, and compassion.  This child is already being prayed for and loved, and they won’t even know it yet!

All this to say… I am once again looking forward to working on our Family Book 🙂  Ha!  All it took was love and encouragement.

PS – If you think we’ve missed anything for our Family Book, or have suggestions, post in the comments!  I would love to hear your thoughts!


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