Good news… Lean into it!

My goodness – this month is flying by, much like September!  But lots has been happening, and that’s excellent for us!

We met with our social worker last week, and she had some amazing news for us!  Our exception (the permission to move forward in our application without a criminal record check from China in our file) has been officially granted in Victoria, and we’re free to move forward.  YAY!!!  Such fantastic news!!!  At the same time, we gave her the remainder of our paperwork (some things were time sensitive, like our medical forms), and we’re now finished our adoption paperwork!  Up next: our Home Study!!!

At the same meeting, I asked her what we could expect when it came to our Home Study, and she explained the basic process.  A lot of the details depend on who does our Home Study – and since it’s contracted out, we won’t know until it gets assigned. All we know is it could happen soon.  Like within a month.  Hopefully.

Our social worker’s advice was fantastic – lean into it.  For someone who likes to be as prepared as possible, it is a bit unsettling for me to not know what to do next.  But this is fantastic experience for me, and yet another way for me to challenge myself and push me out of my comfort zone a little.  I like it!  I think this will be my mantra for the next little while.  I do get caught up “in my head” sometimes, and it’s time that I involve my heart a little more.  Open myself up to new experiences and new opportunities, and enjoy the journey 🙂  So… bring it on!


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