Waiting…and over-thinking…

It sure seems like a lot has happened over the last month… and yet it feels like nothing has happened.  Does that make sense?  I haven’t minded the waiting up until now – we have always recognized that this whole process takes a long time, and compared to many families this has been short for us!  Including our AEP (Adoption Education Program), we’ve working on this adoption for 10 months (although we had a few years gap in the middle so it feels longer).  But now it feels like we’re temporarily stalled.  For those of you that know what this is like, I know you’re grinning right now 🙂

So… the update… our exception in regards to the Police Check from China was approved early this month.  We both signed affidavits to confirm that there is no criminal activity on our part while living in China, and another to allow the Ministry to share that information with other concerned parties.   Once that came through, our paperwork package was completed, and last week we got an email from our social worker confirming that she had sent it on to the agency who will be doing our Home Study.  Yay!  She is amazing, and we are so blessed to work with her!

We don’t know yet when the Home Study will take place, but we asked our social worker to make sure that the agency knew we have no more vacation time left in 2015 and are only available evenings and weekends.  She was assured that that would not be a problem – another yay!  Now we’re just waiting for the dates and times… hopefully it will just be weeks away, and not months away…

On another related note, we have been asked by AFABC to lead a support group for families who have adopted teens, or whose adopted children are now teens/young adults.  This is an area severely lacking in the Okanagan, and Jean and I are excited to be a part of this new endeavor.  More on that later as we find out more…

And… we attended our first local adoption event! We connected with quite a few families, a few of them who had adopted teenagers.  What a cool way to meet people!  It was so neat to be in a room with all of these families who have “been there, done that”.  We also briefly spoke with a mom who had shared her story at our AEP almost 5 years ago – and then met her boys.  It was so cool to see all of these little pieces coming together for people, and for us.  Loved it!  I think that these adoption events are the one thing missing from my childhood that I think would have been really beneficial – but they didn’t exist then.  Thank goodness for this special community!

I am also a part of a support group on Facebook for people going through adoption in BC.  I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone in the adoption process!  What a special way to be encouraged and uplifted, get answers to questions from people who have been there, and vent when needed.  I have read as parents cry because they finally got matched with a child (or two or three).  So neat!!!  My goodness, the resources available now as opposed to 37 years ago when I was born are tremendous!

Anyways… those are the little bits that have happened in our journey over the past month.  As always, thanks for checking in, and thank you for your support through this journey.  As I have already stated, without a support network, this would be uber-difficult!  Love you all!



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