I have never liked Roller Coasters…

Jean and I were given a lesson in patience on Friday.

We woke up with a ton of energy because our home study began that night and we were excited!  Then we both got the call that the assigned social worker – the one we had bonded with and were looking forward to meeting – had a huge personal issue come up, and was no longer able to do our home study.  She told us that she would be returning our file to her agency, and that another social worker would be assigned.

That was a cup of cold water on the face (and I know what that’s like, my mom used it as a tactic to get me out of bed once – ha!).  My brain was telling me that this was just a small hiccup, and I was concerned for this social worker and hoping she was ok (she didn’t sound ok, she sounded quite upset).  But my heart was so sad!  In that moment, it felt like we were taking two steps forward and one step back.

But at least we’re going forward!  Right??  Jean and I went on a date Friday evening instead, and we spent the weekend at a few different Christmas parties, and decorated our home for the holidays.  It was a good weekend, despite the disappointment.

Our Ministry social worker works Tuesday – Thursday, so we haven’t heard her take on this yet.  But we are praying that this delay doesn’t last too long.  On the other hand, Christmas is approaching, so who knows.  What we do know is that God knows the child who is meant to be with us, and the timing is perfect.



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