And it begins… again…

We got the call.  Not “THE CALL”, but “the call”.  (In our adoption world, THE CALL means a match with a child or children: “the call” means we’ve begun the final step.)

After our first agency social worker (the social worker contract by the MCFD to do our home study) had to back out at the last minute due to personal circumstances, we have been reassigned!  Our new agency social worker called on Monday, and our first appointment has been scheduled for January 23rd.

At this first meeting, we’ve been told to expect a safety walk-through of our home (in regards to teenagers), the booking of subsequent meetings (we’re hoping for one a week instead of one every two weeks), and the beginning of discussions of “The Form”.

Some of you might remember the form I mentioned in an earlier post that we had to fill out in preparation for our home study.  It was quite a few pages in length (somewhere around 20 if I remember right) and full of questions on everything to your past and current relationship with your parents and siblings, your marriage, your intimate life if in a relationship, hobbies, goals in life, the way you deal with issues, etc.  This form is to serve as a basis for upcoming discussions with the agency social worker.

This home study comes at the best and worst time.  We wouldn’t put it off for the world! – but it comes at the same time that we’re taking our intensive First Responder course with the fire department.  Add to that working full time, and doing our best to keep our house and puppies in reasonable condition (ha!), it’s going to be a busy month!  But it’s all good stuff, and we’re excited! (Just please forgive me if I don’t blog much for the next month or so…).

WOOHOO – this is getting real people!  Our family could very well be expanding THIS YEAR!!!



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