Moving along…

I “got told” this week – and rightly so!  It has been awhile since I have updated everyone about where we are in the process, and what has been happening in our lives.  So here we go…

First of all, we had our First Responder training in January and February – it’s now complete, another thing to check off the list so to speak.  We are certified First Responders in the province of BC, and are happy to be able to assist the fire department in yet another way. This training was happening at the same time as our Home Study began – which led to some very busy weeks!

Our first appointment with the home study social worker was on Jan. 23rd – and was a bit of a rough day, through no one’s fault.  It snowed like crazy that day!  We got almost 10 inches in just a few hours.  I didn’t know whether or not we should call and update about the weather, as we realize that snow AND a trip to our house can be intimidating to people who are not accustomed to living in the country.  Just before the social worker was due to arrive, four unknown vehicles came up our driveway.  Turns out a bunch of city boys decided to go “off-roading”, and mistook our driveway for a forest service road.  The first SUV got stuck near the top of our driveway after they tried to go through the snow bank.  Sigh (boys! – ha!).  We were working to get them unstuck when the social worker showed up, which made for an awkward introduction.  And then our pagers went off halfway through out visit (we have now booked off the time of our visits, but our pagers have never gone off with company and we thought we’d be fine – oops).

Anyways… after a bit of a break to let the weather sort itself out, we resumed our home study last weekend.  One of the first items to cross off the list is the home safety checklist.  Most items on this list checked out fine, but a couple of “Will Comply” boxes were checked off – meaning we have a bit of work to do, or a few things to purchase.  Examples of those would be a fire extinguisher, a carbon monoxide detector, and a box that locks for all medications.  In addition, we will need to install a lock on our basement door – as it has only one entry/exit, it is a concern if children are down there.

We also started on our family history – this is more about who the important people in our life are, and the role they play in our lives.  It was actually pretty cool to talk about our families, and brag a little about the awesome people we love 🙂

In addition, we were given a checklist to complete (that I currently forget the name of).  Basically, two pages are devoted to our strengths and interests – if either of us had the strengths or interests listed, we checked the box.  The rest of the checklist (maybe 5 pages?) was devoted to our potential children, and what we would consider (check yes), think about (check maybe), or would not consider (check no).  For example – would we be willing to adopt a teenager with a child?  Hmm… never thought about that before!  What about a teenager who had a child, but that child was in care as well?  Or a teenager with a history of starting fires, or destructive behaviour (unfortunately, that was a no for us).  I think that a lot of these lists are really valuable – they make us really think about the future, consider options, and give us time to formulate plans and ideas.

Another item that the home study social worker mentioned is the need for a will, and for selecting a guardian should something happen to us.  I know this is vital, and we had already discussed it – but it’s another thing to add to our “Will Comply” list.

To finish off last week’s meeting, we set aside the next three dates – two in March, and one at the beginning of April.  The end is in site!  I can’t even imagine it, but we might be parents this year?!  Isn’t that crazy???  Haha it’s so terrifying and exciting, and I can’t wait!

So that’s where we are at… coming up to a year in the process (this time around – for those that don’t know, we started the process back in 2011, and did quite a bit during that year).  It will be interesting to see if things speed up, or if we wait for a match for a long time (like a lot of families do).  I hope it doesn’t drag…


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