Almost there!!!

We had our (hopefully) second-to-last home study appointment this past weekend.  After a very rough first session (read back a few posts – the weather wreaked havoc on our day), we have really appreciated getting to know our home study social worker.  We feel that we get along with her quite well, which definitely helps the home study process which can be quite invasive and uncomfortable.  I cannot imagine attempting a home study with a social worker you don’t connect with!

Anyways, we have accomplished quite a bit over the last many meetings (to be honest, I’ve lost count – 4 or 5?).  All that’s left is to craft our life stories, and speak a little about previous relationships we have had.  We have ticked all of the “to-buy” and “to-make” items off of our list (to-buy: fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector, lock boxes for cleaning supplies and medications)(to-make: fire evacuation map and plan, important numbers list).  We’re hoping that our next appointment on April 3rd will be it – and then it’s on to matching!!!

Speaking of matching, we found a profile recently that just clicked with us!  And when I say clicked, I read it first a week ago (and many times since), and just obsessively think about this young man!  He’s 15, was born in China, spent time in two orphanages before moving to Canada when he was 7.5 years old, and has been in custody of the Ministry for the past three years.  He is a swimmer and a cyclist, and loves camping and being outdoors near water (sound familiar??).   He is described as mature and trustworthy, and is looking for a place to belong.  Oh my goodness… my heart just soared when I read about him (let’s call him “I” for now).  After spending two years living in China, we’ve always thought it would be fantastic to adopt from China – but ultimately decided to adopt domestically as there are so many kids right here at home that need a family.  But this would be a neat connection that we could make with I – and hopefully (if he wants this) we could continue to keep him connected to his birth culture.

Anyways, lots of dreaming going on.  Our Ministry social worker is back from holidays today – I had sent her an email with I’s profile, and asked her to check into him for us.  Hopefully something comes of that!  She is so quick with these things – and really seeks out amazing connections for her families.  I hope that she also thinks that this would be a really cool match.  But honestly, I believe that the right match will happen, and if this isn’t the right one, God has an even better match in mind for us 🙂

But still… a China connection!  How cool would that be?!


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