Not long now…

Life has been so busy – and it’s hard to believe that the ARE was almost a month ago!  Wow!  So much has happened, adoption-related and otherwise.

Our Home Study is still waiting on two more signatures – the agency director, and ours.  Once that happens, it gets sent to the Ministry and is approved on their end.  It has taken a little longer than expected, but I’m at peace with that.  I would rather everyone do their due diligence and ensure that it represents us positively and accurately than to rush through it and miss something major.  I strongly believe that our home study social worker did a fantastic job – she was very thorough, and followed up with us when she felt something needed clarification.

Anyways, hopefully we’ll have it soon.  We were notified that the agency director had read through it, recommended some updates, and those updates were done.  Now we’re just waiting for the signature.

And that is fantastic because our social worker has been in touch with the guardianship team of a child we heard about at the ARE – and there has been a positive response.  Once our home study is signed off on, it will get sent to this young man’s team, and we will be able to learn some more information about this him.  We really like what we’ve heard so far!  Some little tidbits: he is currently 13 years old, loves hockey as much as we do, and he loves being outdoors (camping, fishing, etc) and enjoys being active.

It was recommended that we narrow our focus a little following the ARE.  There are so many wonderful kids out there waiting for forever families – narrowing our focus was difficult!  We decided to pursue some kids closer to home, hoping that that would make the transition a little bit easier on those involved.  We also looked at common interests, as those can assist in building a relationship.  But it was still very difficult as we would love to adopt all of these kids!  Ultimately this one profile stood out for us, and we prayed that it would just feel right – and this one feels right.  We are at peace with this decision – but we are also quite confident that if this match doesn’t work out, then there will be another match that will – and that match will be meant to be!

In the meantime, I’ve been updating our Family Book.  This book is different for every single family that makes one – some are just a few pages with minimal writing and just a few photos.  Others tell a story.  They differ according to the age of child a family is adopting, and are written from different perspectives.  For us, since we are adopting a teenager, we wanted to share tons of photos and information – I know that is what I would want if I was looking at a new family!  Ours is 20 pages long, and includes at least 60 photos (actually, I think there are more than that).  We have pictures of family, friends, hobbies, our home, our cars, our pets, and yearly traditions.  We talk about the people in our lives, what we love to do, explain our past, and share our goals and dreams.  We also included two lined pages at the back for the teen to write down thoughts or questions as they go through.  Our social worker had some great feedback, and I updated our Family Book to include that as well.  It’s been fun!  Both Jean and I are very visual people, and I’m a photographer so… it was such a cool project to work on!

In the meantime, we dream.  I have saved most of this year’s vacation time at work so I can take some holidays during transition time.  And I have discussed the ins and outs of parental leave so I know what I’m doing when that time comes.  I can’t wait!  I recognize that there will be challenges, and some days those challenges will be completely overwhelming – but I also look forward to the joys of connecting with this really cool person coming our way, and value the support team that we already have in place!  And you know what?  Putting ourselves out there has given us some pretty cool friends who are also in the adoption process!  What a blessing!

Anyways, I will update you when we receive news on our home study.  In the meantime, keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on our adoption journey.



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