I am water.

Oh how quickly things change!  I choose to view this process as good because it continually challenges me to be patient and to consider an issue or challenge from all angles.  But there are definitely frustrating moments.  You have to be fluid, and able to float around and over obstacles as they come, without becoming too battered in the process.  I am water.  Ha!

We received some news in regards to the child we’ve been interested in for two months, but it definitely wasn’t what we expected.  We found out that extended family and family friends have not been considered/consulted yet for his adoption, and that has to happen before another placement can be considered.  We had to make the decision on whether we wanted to wait for him, explore other options, or the combination of the two.  We went for the combination. That was yesterday.

I should insert here that I am always so incredibly thankful for the gift of our social workers.  They have been, and continue to be, amazing advocates and support for us!  They are realistic, honest, hard-working, and down-to-earth, and we’d be lost without them!

Today we received another call from our social worker.  She had been sitting in her office yesterday when another social worker in the office approached her and asked if we were still looking for a match.  She has a boy here in Kelowna who is looking for a family!  He’s 16.  She told us quite a bit about him, and Jean and I will be talking about him and praying about this option tonight.  With this age, it’s difficult to know if you’ll click until you meet, and it would be more of a mentor relationship as opposed to a parental one.  Yet our hearts are with the kids that will be aging out of the system soon, and this boy definitely falls in that category!  This age is so cool and yet so difficult – there is so much to consider.

As with most families, I think the matching process is the most difficult as there are so many unknowns and so many emotions involved.  You don’t want to be completely factual, you want to imagine these kids, learn about their stories, and get a sense of where they’re coming from and what they’re dealing with – but you can’t be completely invested in each one either.  I think that there is a healthy balance between the two.

As we explore potential matches, and try to keep a strong sense of humanity in a somewhat-clinical process, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  I really do believe that God has the perfect match in mind for us, and I’m sure it will be made so very obvious when the time is right.


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