You just never know…

You might be wondering just why you haven’t heard from me in 5 weeks… I promise the reason is a good one!

The very short version is that Jean and I are temporarily looking after our nephew while some things in his world are being sorted out. This was not expected, but we were able to take on this role because of our approved Home Study and Safe Study, and we’re happy to be able to help in this way! We are not sure of the timeline at this point.

In the meantime, our adoption application has been put on hold.  Once again, thank goodness for an amazing social worker!  She was completely understanding, and talked us through what moving forward with the adoption process would look like.  It is still absolutely our plan!

Let me tell you a little bit about Little Man!  Little man just turned 7 months old (yes, months – definitely not a teenager – ha!)!  He’s such a little bundle of joy, such a character, full of personality and joy.  He is always smiling and laughing – we could learn a lot from him!

Our house suddenly looks very different!  Furniture that was once there has disappeared, and in its place there is baby stuff everywhere!  Ha!  I have received a crash course in family scheduling, as there are more appointments involved in this than you’d expect.

There is also SO MUCH to be thankful for!  Family on both sides have come together to support this little man and his family!  It has been a positive experience, and our family has grown in amazing ways!  In a way, I feel that this has better prepared us for the joys of open adoption (when it functions well), and I am grateful for the experience!

So… while we move through this chapter of our lives, I will not be posting on this blog.  Once we move forward again with adoption, I will pick it up and keep you up-to-date.  In the meantime, if you would like to keep in touch with me, please feel free to email me at


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