“Shout out” to AFABC

I just want to share a “shout out” to the AFABC!  For those of you involved with adoption in BC who have not yet connected with anyone at this fantastic organization, you’re missing out!  Let me tell you why…

AFABC stands for “Adoptive Families Association of BC”.  Their website (www.bcadoption.com) states that “AFABC supports the adoption community at all ages and stages through education, counselling, family events, and advocacy” – and they stand by this statement.  We have attended numerous AFABC events, connected with AFABC Coordinators throughout our journey, and belong to some of the Facebook support groups provided through AFABC.  I can’t even share enough about how much this support has meant to us over the last year and a half!

Most recently, our area’s coordinator contacted me to offer support as we move towards the proposal stage of adoption.  She knew that we had received some preliminary paperwork, and wanted to know if we could use assistance in making sense of it – to which I answered YES!

The moral of this little story?  I can’t stress this enough – take advantage of the services and opportunities provided to you!  They are there for a reason, and every little bit of support makes the journey just that much easier!  Educate yourself on the different options available to you and your family.  Be an advocate for yourself and your family – know that there are resources available, no matter your personal situation.  You are not alone in this journey!  It may feel like it sometimes, but there are so many people in BC that are passionate about adoption, and want to make life better for kids and families.

One little update on our journey – we meet the foster family of the boy we’ve been discussing at the end of the month.  We could use your prayers!  If this is the match for us, pray that we’ll be confident in that knowledge – and if it’s not, pray that we’ll be confident in that as well.  I’m not nervous, although that might change as we approach the visit.  I’m calm, knowing that things will work out as they should. Although I can’t figure out what to wear… ha!


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