Still waiting…

A brief update as everyone is wondering!  Love all of your questions, it makes us feel supported!!!

We’re trying to be patient.  For the first time in our journey, I’m finding it difficult to be patient!  The formal proposal hasn’t arrived yet…

There are so many clichés to be said here, like “the wait is worth it” and “it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happy” (which I totally believe, by the way) and “when it all comes together, you won’t even remember the wait” – and they’re all true – but my goodness!  I think it’s worse to hear that it will arrive on a particular day than to think it’s arriving a month from now and then being surprised!  Ha!  But maybe not… probably not.

Regardless, we’re waiting.  No news is good news right?  I’ll keep you posted… maybe tomorrow?  Maybe Wednesday?  Maybe… whenever it arrives.  Ha!



We received news today that it might be as early as tomorrow that we receive our formal proposal package.  It was delayed a week as some pieces were proving difficult to gather – but it is now on the way!

We have booked an appointment with our doctor for the middle of next week (for the why of this one, check out my previous post).  I still don’t really know what to expect.  I picture a big file with all sorts of documents – from medical reports, behavioral reports, school records, family info, etc.  Maybe photos are included?

I know enough to know that each formal proposal differs.  Some are huge, and some contain next to nothing.  So much depends on the circumstances of the child, as well as the workers who put the proposal together.  All I know is that I don’t know what to feel!  Isn’t that funny?  My emotions will catch up with me sooner or later – for now I’m just going to enjoy the moment 🙂

For those of you out there who are “praying people”, we’d love your prayers.  For those of you are who are “sending good thoughts people”, we’ll take some good thoughts.  For those that are huggers, and question-askers, and high-fivers – we’ll take those hugs, answer those questions (with pleasure), and return those high fives!  It just feels so good to FINALLY be moving to the next stage of what has been a very long process!  Hopefully this is THE ONE!