Still waiting…

A brief update as everyone is wondering!  Love all of your questions, it makes us feel supported!!!

We’re trying to be patient.  For the first time in our journey, I’m finding it difficult to be patient!  The formal proposal hasn’t arrived yet…

There are so many clichés to be said here, like “the wait is worth it” and “it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happy” (which I totally believe, by the way) and “when it all comes together, you won’t even remember the wait” – and they’re all true – but my goodness!  I think it’s worse to hear that it will arrive on a particular day than to think it’s arriving a month from now and then being surprised!  Ha!  But maybe not… probably not.

Regardless, we’re waiting.  No news is good news right?  I’ll keep you posted… maybe tomorrow?  Maybe Wednesday?  Maybe… whenever it arrives.  Ha!


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