It’s real!!!

I now view everything I write through a different lens, because I know that Boy could very well be reading this.  And that’s ok – it’s good that he knows we’re just as nervous to meet him as he probably is to meet us!

Oh yeah, we’re meeting him!  Next week to be exact.  There have been some back and forth communications, and Boy was asked if there were any questions he wanted to ask.  His sw then sent those questions to ours, and then on to us.  It was so cool to be able to respond to him, knowing that we were communicating with him already!

We will be having a casual dinner with Boy and his foster family.  But you know what the oddest thing about this is for me?  I can’t stop worrying about what to wear!!  I know, I know… he’s a 14 year old boy and couldn’t care less.  But for some reason it’s important to me that he sees us as cool, but responsible and dependable, but not old – young enough to have fun.  Ha!  So what clothes say all that?!  Oh my, this might take awhile…

In the end all that matters is that everyone is able to make the choice best for themselves – Boy for himself, and us for ourselves.  I hope and pray that this is the match for us, and that Boy feels peace and clarity throughout this process.  It’s a lot to ask of a teenager – to give up everything they know to start life over again.  I can’t imagine what that would be like!  I’m already proud of him…

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers ❤




4 thoughts on “It’s real!!!

  1. Wear a pair of nice jeans and a cool button down shirt. It’s good for every generation…. Or….. You could be a trader and wear a flames shirt….. LOL LOL LOL


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