Introducing… a family of three!

My goodness – sorry about the long absence, but the last two months have been a crazy whirlwind!  I can’t go into a lot of details yet (not until the 6 months residency period is over, and the adoption order has gone through the courts), but I’m so excited to share that we are now a family of three! But I’m getting ahead of myself – my last post talked about our first visit happening, so I should start there.

We all agree, it was super awkward.  We had dinner, and sat around and visited.  Our boy was quite quiet, but you could tell he was listening.

After that first meeting, we were expecting to have some conversations around what we thought, etc.  But a week later, our social worker called, and she had received a full visiting/transition schedule!  Crazy!  She likened the process to waiting for HOURS in a line for a ride at Disneyland.  Then all of a sudden you’re at the gate and you’re gone on this crazy ride.  And she was totally right!

We spent numerous weekends in our boy’s hometown, getting to know him and his foster family (who are amazing people, btw).  We toured around, did some fun family stuff, and had some super good talks.  Then, around the second week of July, we felt a shift.  All of a sudden he was REALLY engaged, excited to see us, and talking about the future more.  His social worker also saw a change.  Such a neat time!

Then we started planning for move-in.  Thank goodness he’s a super open kid and is easy to talk to – that has made this whole process SO much easier than it could have been. He approaches life with a great sense of humour (which I can totally see getting him into trouble in school, ha!)

We are now settling into our new normal.  Our boy is quite active, and likes to be outside. He loves our dogs, and they love him!  He also enjoys playing video games now and then with Jean.  He loves trying new food, and shares my dislike for onions.  And he’s growing like a weed!  We’ve already had to buy him new shoes – he’s in a 10.5!!!  Ha!  The life of parents…

One fun little piece of news – I was asked to write an article for AFABC’s Focus on Adoption magazine.  It comes out next month I think, so check it out!  It’s our funny story (now at least) of our first home study appointment, and some encouragement for prospective adoptive parents.

Think of us as we’re settling in, and thanks for understanding if I don’t post much over the next few weeks!