About Our Journey

We are an exuberant, funny, life-loving couple who are passionate about teenage adoption in BC!  But I should back up, I’m getting ahead of myself.  My name is Tanya, and my other half is Jean.  We live in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley – I’m not biased at all (ha!), but this is one of the best places in the world to live!

I was adopted when I was 11 days old, and was raised in an amazing home!  Before I even knew what it meant, my favourite bedtime story was the story of my adoption.  Mom got “the call”, then phoned my Dad at work, leaving a message that he had to call home immediately – it was urgent, but not an emergency.  Knowing my dad as I do, I still giggle when I picture him getting that message!

Fast forward many years – Jean and I met in 2007, and were married in 2009.  We always knew that we wanted a family, but not when or how (how was the biggest question – biological? adoption?).  We pondered and prayed and processed… and adoption was where our hearts led us.  Teenage adoption, to be specific.

Because I have been so blessed with family and friends in my life, I cannot imagine heading into my adult years without the support of loved ones behind me.  Jean and I want to be that support for a teen – we understand that there will be many challenges, but there will also be many unique joys – what a special way to create a family!

We want to share our story – highs AND lows.  For me, it’s a cathartic process, but we also hope to connect with other families and become an active part of the adoption community.  Please feel free to connect with us here or by email at okanaganadoptionstory@yahoo.ca.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


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