Adoption-Related Links

As I research and study teen adoption in BC (through the Ministry of Children and Family Development), my goal is to keep an ongoing list of helpful websites, stories, published articles (news) and educational materials (in no particular order).  If you know of an amazing teenage adoption related link that I do not have below (yet), please email me at and I will post it here!

Please note:  This is a list of groups/websites/books/articles/blogs that I have found informative. If you are looking for info on agency or international adoption, you won’t find a lot listed here.  Also, I do not endorse the following in any way – everything below is listed simply as a collection that I have found useful and informative in our journey.

The newest links will be posted in the top of each section, marked by *.



Over the last few years, Facebook groups have emerged as a type of support group. Many are specific to province, or adoption type (international, teen, Ministry, private, etc.), or non-profit.  But all have the goal of supporting prospective parents and children, and providing information on adoption.  Some of my favourites are shared below:

*Adoption Council of Canada

*AFABC Facebook groups

*Canada Adopts

*Adoption in Canada



Waiting to Belong (a more traditional faith based perspective on adoption)

Canadian Adoption Blogs

Ministry of Children and Family Development

Adoptive Families Association of BC

Adoption Act (RSBC 1996) Chapter 5

Adoption Council of Canada

Canada’s Waiting Kids

Canada Adopts



(also check your local library, agency, SW, support group)

The Lost Daughters of China

Three Little Words

GoodReads – Popular Adoption Books

Adoption Council of Canada – Suggested Reading List

The Boy who was Raised as a Dog: and other stories from a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook – What Traumatized Children can teach us about Loss, Love, and Healing



Adoption-Related Films

Vancouver Sun – Adoption Series


ARTICLES (Blog posts, specific website articles, etc)

What you should know about adoption in Canada

Should You Adopt a Teen?

7 Things I would tell my “Just Beginning the Adoption Process” Self

3 Things I do as a Parent that the World Misunderstands

8 Things to Never Say to a Family who has Adopted

Under the Umbrella – Are we There Yet? Managing Unpredictable Adoption Timelines

Get Over ‘Real’: Lessons Learned as an Adoptive Mom

What to do while you wait

Canada’s Most Unwanted

Adoptions in BC: A Changing Landscape

New School, New Name

Adoption in British Columbia – the General Process (This is the exact process that we are in the middle of)

Vancouver Sun – Adoption Series

Over 1000 BC Kids Wait on Adoption Changes

Chatelaine: What to Expect When You’re Adopting

Attachment: What Adoptive Families Need to Know

98 Interesting Facts About Adoption

Belonging 4 Ever: Creating Permanency for Youth in and from Care

How to Share Adoption News

Talking About Adoption with Others

8 Things Never to say to Adoptive Families

10 Things Adoptees Want you to Know

How to Talk to Your Kids About Adoption

Parents, please educate your kids about adoption so mine don’t have to

Parenting Your Adopted Teenager: A Factsheet for Families

What Should I Know About Adopting Teens?

Adopting Teenagers: Risks, Rewards, and the Role of the Church


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